Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday morning...

What a nice weekend, despite its start.

Friday was bizarre! Weather was all whacked out. Fortunately I left work at noon and got home before the craziness started (white-out conditions throughout Mass for a couple hours). Craig came home at the same time too, thankfully. Had I waited another hour or more I would of been so screwed having to drive Rt128 from Newton to Weymouth. Got home safe and sound and then went out with Lara to dinner and Christmas Tree Shops... then crashed early.

Saturday was a day of randomness. Went to breakfast, went shopping at the SSP (which didn't last long because we both started feeling ucky, but got a little accomplished) and then napped on the couch for a couple hours together (awww). Finally went to get our Christmas tree (we went with one on the smaller side than normal for us), got Chinese food with the in-laws and ate by the fire. Another early night.

Sunday was fun day! Craft Day at Tricia's was wonderful... friends, holiday music, scrapping, chatting... I love craft days. Then stopped to do some Christmas shopping on my way home and then hung out over Whalen & Lynne's house for a bit before heading home and to bed.

So that was my weekend. Though it started off freaky with a call from my mom telling me that nan was in the ICU because of her heart problem... which has been such an odd thing... one time beats out of control fast and then other times (which started more recently) it pretty much almost stops. This is stressful... poor nan. As if she hasn't been through enough with gramps passing a few months ago.

"It is always something".


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