Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Family Day At The Orchard

Yesterday we spent part of the day at the Russell Orchard with my family. It was wonderful to spend the time with my dad, stepmom, little brother (who is now driving I must add), hubby and little boy - all together in a place that I went to with my dad as a child.

First we looked through the pumpkins, then we walked around the animals to find the largest pig on the planet, then we took a hayride around the apple orchard and lastly we ventured through the house of food.

The weather was perfect and the day was one I'll cherish.

It is worthy of noting that it is nearly impossible to capture Cameron on "film" these days... 2 year olds aren't nearly as good of subjects as they are when they're younger.


(note the child not willing to stand still for a millisecond)

Time to chase the geese (literally chased them into the water and around the land yelling "squak squak" - it was a riot, I wish I had it on film)

Too cute - my dad and Cameron looking at the largest pig on the planet


We thought this was fitting (again: note the child not willing to stand still for a millisecond)

Time for a ride

Hay ride - all aboard!

"APPLES APPLES APPLES" he is aggresively pointing out during our hay ride through the apple orchard

"Ah, this is the life"

Time to help myself to the fare

Running around the decorations my dad put out just for him yellling "HALWEEN HALWEEN"

"Yeah, it was a fun, busy day, so what. So what it is 71 degrees out and I have on my new winter hat. So what. Now I see you..."

"Now I don't"

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cameron turned TWO!

Yes, it is true... my little boy turned the big TWO yesterday. We had his birthday party at home (hosted about 30 people) and it was a great success, from the weather to the food and dessert then to the bouncy, all great!

My big little boy

Moonwalk "bouncy" time!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Tubbie & The Zoo

When we got home from Vegas I just couldn't get enough of my little cutie pie... so we had a tubbie photo shoot and went to The Stone Zoo.
My little baby is going to be TWO years old in less than a month?!?!

Tubbie Time!

The Stone Zoo

Before we hit the highway after the zoo...

Vegas Baby!

Craig and I had a wonderful Vegas vacation last week (8/31-9/3).

We stayed at the Venetian, played a lot of poker (primarily at Venetian, but also at Planet Hollywood and Wynn [where I had my best session]), saw Blue Man Group, relaxed, and also had massages.

I missed my little Scooter Magooter dearly, though if someone would have brought him to us I don't think we would have come home!

Our room



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cameron's 2nd Birthday Party - invites

So what do you think?

I couldn't decide which picture I liked best, so I ordered some of both!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freaked Out!

So as I'm driving home from work on Rt 3 I realize that traffic is so unusually backed up that I'm going to have to get off and take backroads. I've never had to do so at such a point before, so I knew something was up.

As I'm getting off Rt 3 I get a call from my hubby (who I believed to be in a work meeting). "I'm so freaked out right now" he says. "I was driving on Rt 3 and this guy pulled up to my car, started yelling at me, side-swiped me, and then he proceeded to lose control of his car and flipped over in the ditch in the middle of the highway."

Holy crap. I realize that is what was the backup on Rt 3 (though clearly that is the important part).

"The guy was nuts. I didn't know he was even next to me until I realized he was side-swiping me. Then he lost control and just flipped over." he goes on to say. From what he gathered the man was pissed that he didn't let him in while trying to merge onto the highway, and road-raged to infinity and beyond almost instantly.

So the police come, take his statement and get his info, and tell him that they'll send this man's info in the mail. The man was able to get out of his car and was taken to the hospital to be checked out. He was bloody, but was able to walk and otherwise appeared to be fine.

Hubby stayed on the other side of the highway. He was unsure of this man's stability (clearly not very much if he'd do this), so he wanted to keep his distance. Hubby is physically ok, but is completely freaked out.

We're both concerned about this man getting his information, including our address, etc. since he is a nutbag. I'm honestly TOTALLY worried this man will come to our house and harm either hubby, or in some indirect way, little Scooter Magooter, by doing something crazy. You never know how truly crazy someone is, and arm them with our info and I feel completely helpless and defenseless. Thank goodness hubby is ok (physically). He is quite shaken up.

The only damage to our car was:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My new hairdid!

So I've finally tried a completely different hair style and took 8 inches off the back.


I love it!

Here it is: