Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wow - is it already Christmas?

Wowza. Christmas is this weekend?... how time flies! 2005 is almost over - thankfully. Hoping 2006 and beyond is better healthwise for family than 2005 was.

So all Christmas shopping and wrapping is done. I finished last weekend and it feels good. Me and my spreadsheet feel confident that we didn't forget anyone.

Still weirded out by the change of holiday traditions on my end. Not going to nan's house on Christmas Eve (for the 2nd year in a row now) is just strange. I did that every single year until last year (when we were in our house). It doesn't make sense to drive up to Gloucester and then drive home when we will just be driving right back to Gloucester Christmas morning. So this is what happens when you grow up. Things change. Traditions change.

Christmas day will remain the same, for now anyway. Once we have kids then people can come to us, but for now we will go all over creation.

Possibly an update on timing on having kids sometime in 2006. Stay tuned.

No plans for New Year's Eve yet. We so aren't into the typical go into Boston or out to a club thing. Yuck. I would rather stay warm by the fire or hang out with friends having a fun time (by my definition)... which would be playing games, poker or something like that.

Our next vacation is planned for February. Can't wait... Bellagio here we come!!!!!!!!



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