Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

Bring on 2006! I am happy to see 2005 gone, it wasn't the nicest year for sure. 2006 started out lovely with some family time and a nice unexpected surprise at work - a 10% raise and additional employer contribution to my 401K... sweet!! I hope that is a sign of the year to come.

Dad seems to be feeling better with time, which I hope continues. He looked the best since his diagnosis on New Year's Eve when we spent the night down in Gloucester with the fam. I wish I was able to do something to change the situation, but unfortunately that isn't the way it works.

Looking forward to our February long weekend vacation back to Vegas... bring on the Bellagio baby!!! Staying at the one place I've wanted to stay since our first visit and we are both extremely excited about it.

Also curious what our tax refund will look like now having had our first entire year in the house paying interest on the mortgage... the little things are what puzzle me.

Tonight = poker night at Applebees
Tomorrow = massage at Oasis Day Spa (much needed)
Friday = poker night at our place
Saturday = craft day at our place
Sunday = much needed day of relaxation

Happy New Year!!!!!


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