Friday, January 06, 2006

Wow how things change quickly (and more impressive how I am handling it)

So Wednesday = a raise for me, Thursday = Craig being laid off! What a change of direction to start 2006!

Surprisingly I am ok with it:
a) he was miserable there
b) he wanted to change fields anyway (this will give him the time/chance to do so)
c) at least there is unemployment
d) keeping positive attitude that it doesn't last too long

Tonight = poker night... jazzy with all the new poker duds up
Tomorrow = Craft Day with my girls
Sunday = day of relaxation (which I can now enjoy since I don't have to do chores... that is the only perk to having a husband out of work so I have to capitalize on it, right?)

We will have to cut back (on poker especially), so Monday nights at Jimbo's and Wednesday nights at Applebee's will have to give us a good portion of our poker fix. No more Foxwoods. Though we are still keeping our vacation to Vegas next month (tickets = non-refundable and already paid) and the money has already been put aside.

Life is what you make of it. Right?


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