Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Have you considered what to spend the Tax Rebate on? & HAPPY EASTER!

Well we have! And for anyone that really knows me, you know this is SO unlike me!

I finally just ordered my new Digital SLR camera, YIPPEE!! After weeks of research (of course) I decided on the Nikon D40 (2 lens kit; 18-55mm & 55-200mm) with the SB400 flash (to help take nice indoor shots).

Here is what I got:

Craig got new golf clubs, which he totally deserves. His set was 10 years old (he bought his last set soon after we started dating) and he works hard and got a great deal on a really good set. If I had a clue what they were I'd post a pic of them too, but I'm so not into golf so I'll just leave it at "Craig got a new set of golf clubs that he really wanted". Actually, I think they're Taylor Made?

So those two large purchases accounts for most of the Tax Rebate amount, but once the actual check does come we'll also be getting the following:
- Craig will get a new watch and a new pair of dress shoes

- I'll get a new pair of sunglasses (as my knock off ones I got down in FLA for like $10 have started to peel off, which is NOT comfortable, nor does it look good)

So in the end, me, who would be most happy to put the money into savings, is actually going to do what the government wants us to do, SPEND THE MONEY!

So who checks back here periodically? Share your plans for the Tax Rebate!

Cameron didn't love the Easter Bunny, as you can see

Coloring Easter Eggs is so much fun!

Cameron's Easter Basket

Having fun opening his Easter Basket

Our little Easter Golfer!

Cameron & Bella

Cameron & Mummy

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