Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wow - is it already Christmas?

Wowza. Christmas is this weekend?... how time flies! 2005 is almost over - thankfully. Hoping 2006 and beyond is better healthwise for family than 2005 was.

So all Christmas shopping and wrapping is done. I finished last weekend and it feels good. Me and my spreadsheet feel confident that we didn't forget anyone.

Still weirded out by the change of holiday traditions on my end. Not going to nan's house on Christmas Eve (for the 2nd year in a row now) is just strange. I did that every single year until last year (when we were in our house). It doesn't make sense to drive up to Gloucester and then drive home when we will just be driving right back to Gloucester Christmas morning. So this is what happens when you grow up. Things change. Traditions change.

Christmas day will remain the same, for now anyway. Once we have kids then people can come to us, but for now we will go all over creation.

Possibly an update on timing on having kids sometime in 2006. Stay tuned.

No plans for New Year's Eve yet. We so aren't into the typical go into Boston or out to a club thing. Yuck. I would rather stay warm by the fire or hang out with friends having a fun time (by my definition)... which would be playing games, poker or something like that.

Our next vacation is planned for February. Can't wait... Bellagio here we come!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday morning...

What a nice weekend, despite its start.

Friday was bizarre! Weather was all whacked out. Fortunately I left work at noon and got home before the craziness started (white-out conditions throughout Mass for a couple hours). Craig came home at the same time too, thankfully. Had I waited another hour or more I would of been so screwed having to drive Rt128 from Newton to Weymouth. Got home safe and sound and then went out with Lara to dinner and Christmas Tree Shops... then crashed early.

Saturday was a day of randomness. Went to breakfast, went shopping at the SSP (which didn't last long because we both started feeling ucky, but got a little accomplished) and then napped on the couch for a couple hours together (awww). Finally went to get our Christmas tree (we went with one on the smaller side than normal for us), got Chinese food with the in-laws and ate by the fire. Another early night.

Sunday was fun day! Craft Day at Tricia's was wonderful... friends, holiday music, scrapping, chatting... I love craft days. Then stopped to do some Christmas shopping on my way home and then hung out over Whalen & Lynne's house for a bit before heading home and to bed.

So that was my weekend. Though it started off freaky with a call from my mom telling me that nan was in the ICU because of her heart problem... which has been such an odd thing... one time beats out of control fast and then other times (which started more recently) it pretty much almost stops. This is stressful... poor nan. As if she hasn't been through enough with gramps passing a few months ago.

"It is always something".

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Day 1 - my first real blog

Here it goes. A bit about me.

I am in my mid twenties, married for just over two years and living in my husband's neck of the woods. I come from a loving (split) family and have three younger brothers. I am very close with my family and would do anything for them. Some members of the family are a bit crazy, but doesn't everyone have family members like that?

At this point in my life I've done the major things I wanted to by now: graduated college, got a "good" job, got married, bought a house and continue to vacation.

What next?

I guess this is where I realized I am a "grown up". I am old enough to have my own children (but don't). I own a house. I have a husband. This just doesn't seem right. I don't feel old enough. When did it all change? I don't remember to be honest. I still don't really feel like an adult.

I've always done the right thing, made the right choice and think I forced myself to grow up way too early that there wasn't the normal progression that most people experience.

So, what is next?

I wonder if part of what I am experiencing is due to not being close to home, around family where I grew up. I wonder if it is because this is just a strange point in ones life. I wonder if it is just because I fear change.

It is obvious what the traditional next step is. But I am not ready. So do I just be? Exist in the world and experience what I can while I can in the way I choose to? I guess so.

I will continue to question everything. I will continue to over-analyze everything. I will continue to wonder.

What is next?

Starting up...

Ok - so I guess I will take part in this blogging world.

I like the idea of a blog - can be therapeutic I imagine.

My blog will just be about life, growing up (do we ever?) and the experiences along the way.

Stay tuned for the 1st full blog by yours truly.