Monday, September 10, 2007

Already Monday again?

I had a really great weekend.

Friday night - Craig and I played poker. After both being stuck for $60 each we were able to come back and we left up quite a bit (thanks to Craig).

Saturday - I took Cameron up to Gloucester for the day to visit the fam and give Craig a day to himself. Cameron and I first stopped off at Misty's house to visit her and Abby. Abby is just too cute. Shortly after Alannah (my goddaughter) came home and OMG she has gotten so big (tall and old, she just turned 7). Misty had to go to the doctor, and she is having surgery today. Good luck Misty! Then we popped over to visit Grampy and Nonna, Vita and uncle Bobby. Cameron always loves to visit them. Grampy, Cameron and mommy (that would be me ;)) went for a walk down to the boulevard and back. Cameron was exhausted, but do you think he slept with all that going on during the walk? Nope! So then we had lunch (he chowed) and eventually he took a nap up in Grampy and Nonna's room with the ac on. After waking up from his nap we went up to Nan's house and visited with Nana Lisa and Nana B. Nana Lisa took Cameron in the pool (where he loved to splash) and then we hung out for a bit, ate pizza for dinner and then hit the road. The drive home through Cape Ann and the North Shore was insane. Torrential downpours don't even justify it. I will admit I was nervous with Cameron in the car driving 30mph on the highway not being able to see in front of me. We got home safe and Cameron got to bed an hour late and that was not good for him (see Sunday).

Sunday - Cameron was a crank box all day. He was constantly tired despite taking two naps. Even with the crankiness Cameron and mommy had a good day while daddy went golfing with papa. Who can pass up a free round of golf at a $100/round course? While Cameron was napping I was able to work on daddy's anniversary gift.

Yep - our 4th anniversary is under two weeks away. WOW! September 20, 2003.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Long holiday weekend over...

Before I start I must say that Cameron is 11 months old today - my little baby is becoming a little boy more and more each day.

A pic from our trip to the park yesterday:

So the long weekend is over. Harrumph.

The good:

- We had 3 days of beautiful weather
- Cameron was really good & I got to spend a lot of quality time with him
- Craig was able to have some fun and play a round of golf with Shea
- We got our laundry done
- I spent some time going thru a few closets in order to identify yard sale items, purge unnecessary stuff and reorganize the closets

The bad:

- Dad spent the weekend in the hospital... he went in with chest pains early Saturday morning and after all the heart tests came back negative they identified fluid in his lungs and said he has pneumonia... he was discharged yesterday (Monday) afternoon... he is feeling better
- Craig and I didn't have any fun (i.e. poker or the such) time at all... with it being a long weekend at least once would have been nice :(
- I looked in a window (which as you know with the right reflection acts as a mirror) while out walking around Derby Shoppes and since have felt like Mama Moose and been in a horrible funk

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.