Thursday, August 30, 2007

Down 2 more pounds...

So I'm down a total of 13 pounds now (from about 2 months ago). The first 6 weeks I went to the gym 3-4/wk and counted calories. Since then I've not gone to the gym (though do plan to get back next week) and have eaten very sensibly during the week and ok on the weekends. I still have 50 pounds or so to go, but I'm happy with 13 pounds in 2 months considering I've not worked at it for a few weeks now. Goal is to get back to working at it and be down another 20 pounds at least by years end.

Tomorrow Laura lands in town with her man, Stafford, and we're meeting up for lunch. She'll meet Cameron for the first time. I miss her and can't wait to see her!

Long weekend ahead. Yippee.

Last night I caved and told Craig what his birthday gift is. Since his birthday is two weeks before Christmas and we're going away for a night we decided that celebrating it a month early was a good idea. We're going down to Foxwoods for an overnight (staying at the same place we stayed a few weeks ago - the new hotel just 3 miles down the street, Bellissimo Grande). Since we're not ready to leave Cameron for several days it is our little mini vacation. Needless to say Craig was very happy with his gift. We're both looking forward to it. O yeah - and the cherry on top is that the weekend I selected and booked is the same weekend of the WPT main event so all of the pros will be in town for the $10,000 event.

Have a great long Labor Day weekend y'all!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend in Review

So I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I must start off by saying THANK GOODNESS THERE IS A LONG WEEKEND COMING UP! I think long weekends are critical to sanity. Hence my 3 scheduled long weekends (in addition to this upcoming one) before year's end.

Friday: we just laid low... nothing to do so we just hung in and crashed early

Saturday: it was hot as all hotness out (with humidity = gross) so we stayed cool inside while Cameron was on nap strike all day long and made a trip to the local party supply stores to get "1st Birthday" supplies for Mr. Doowhop's upcoming 1st Birthday Party!

Sunday: due to said nap strike Cameron's morning nap lasted a while so we weren't able to make Alannah's birthday party up in Gloucester (sorry!)... we did make a trip to get Cameron a Birthday shirt and bib... then at night mummy & daddy had some fun and went to play poker at a new place... late night = exhausted this morning

Upcoming this week: on Friday Craig, Cameron and I are meeting up with Laura (best friend from college) and her man Stafford (yes, he is British) for lunch on Newbury St. while they are in town for the day (from London)... I've really been looking forward to this, it has been a while since we've seen each other (in the middle of my pregnancy in Bermuda was the last time)!

That's about it folks.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Had some poker peeps over...

last night for the first time in eons.

We maybe hosted poker a few times (at most) while I was pregnant (since I was always tired). Prior to that we used to host every week, EVERY week. So Craig has been itching to host for a long while now.

Last night we got a call to see if we were interested in playing before Bryon leaves for the Navy. We didn't have a sitter (Craig went golfing yesterday so we didn't want to ask his mom again, plus she had dinner plans with friends and we didn't want to head out super late) so I offered up our place so long as there was only one table (no more than 10 people).

Cameron slept soundly upstairs while we playing downstairs, and I had the monitor to be sure I didn't miss any peep. The gang left at 10pm, I was up $70 and all in all it was a nice, surprising Wednesday night.

Off to "Listening for Effective Communication" required class at work. Considering I've taken a class just like this it shall be quite the interesting next 4 hours.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

After more than 1 year - I'm back!

Ok - so I'll admit I forgot all about this blog until I was reading Joy's blog, saw a link to "Danielle's Blog" (which I assumed was my pregnancy blog) and rediscovered this one. But I'm back now.

The title of my blog means o-so-much more now! We sure do grow up. Having a baby will certainly do that to you.

Cameron is my world. Craig and Cameron are my life. Everything else is extra.

Speaking of Cameron, he is now 10.5 months old. He is extremely active and the cuttest baby ever (if I may so myself). Here he is:

Craig and I just got back from a mini vaca this past weekend. We spent 2 days/1 night down at Foxwoods with some friends. We tried out a new hotel 3 miles from Foxwoods (Bellissimo Grande) which was nice and a great price and tried to not let our colds keep us down. I finished 3rd in the Lady's Tournament and we were up overall on the weekend. Cameron spent Friday and Saturday night with Grampy and Nonna in Gloucester (his first time ever spending more than 1 night away from us and his first time in about 4 months he spent any night away) and had a lot of fun.

Craig is still Mr Mom, though actively looking for a job. I returned back to work when Cameron was 8.5 months old. I started a new job and am currently working at Harvard Pilgrim. I'm very happy with how things worked out in the end, though my previous company made things stressful for a period of time shortly after I had Cameron. Woowho for forward movement.

Will be sure to post at least weekly, if not more frequently.