Friday, February 03, 2006

What I like about life, right now...

These are the things that I currently enjoy in life (other than the obvious):
  • Poker
  • Vacationing
  • Craft Days
  • Cooking Club

Poker: I would play everyday if I could. Currently we play Monday night's at Jimbos (currently I am in 1st place, Craig is in 2nd place -- out of about 30-40 people) and Wednesday nights at Applebees (I placed 1st for January at that venue and Craig placed 4th)... those two places are free to play. We play about 3x/month for money (mostly at our place in the manroom) with anywhere from 7-20 people... average probably about 10. When we are both working we probably take a trip down to Foxwoods about 1x/month.

Vacationing: Wow, this I would also do daily if possible. We've been taking about 2-3 vacations a year for the past few years... and it is nice. I love it. This week coming up we are taking our 3rd trip to Vegas in 12 months (also related to Poker)... though this may be our last Vegas trip (and possibly vacation) for a while if we are going to start TTC by the summer (nothing in stone yet).

Craft Days: This wouldn't be nearly as fun and enjoyable if it weren't for the dear friends that I craft with. I am so excited these gatherings became more frequent and our group has grown. Joy, Tricia and I are the original scrap gals... and now we have grown into a "craft" group (I seem to be the only committed scrapper of the group ;)

Cooking Club: Our cooking club has also grown from the original group off the Beantown Brides MSN board... and it is something like our 15th or 16th month. Nice group of gals that get together once a month after work at one of the girls' house and chat over food.


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