Monday, October 29, 2007

Last week of October 2007

Red Sox win the World Series

The Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies and won the World Series (again), woowho!! I will admit I watched maybe 5 total innings of the World Series because sleeping is far more important to me to be honest. I am a Red Sox fan, but sleep is something I’ve always needed in order to function properly. In my opinion functioning properly is important when out in the real world on a daily basis.

The WPF Ladies Poker Tournament

So after months of deliberating and “fundraising” I decided to play in this tournament. I by no means expected it to be easy and knew that it would take a lot of good decisions, none to few bad decisions and some luck. To put up that much money on a tournament that more likely than not would result in no profit was a risk, but a risk that I was willing to take since the funds were “raised” and my dear hubby was behind me (literally at times) rooting me on. Out of 214 players I came in 70th. Though that isn’t bad (top third), it certainly doesn’t take home any money (which clearly is the goal of playing in a tournament). I did get lucky to stick around on a couple of occasions, but I got booted from the tournament on a very very unlucky hand. I pushed all in with A-K suited and got called by a lady that made a very bad call with K-Q suited. It was for more than 1/3 her chip stack and I had enough chips that I didn’t need to make a move at that time (so I was more likely to have a better hand than what she called with). She was very far behind pre-flop when the money got in. About 85% of the time my hand will hold up. Unfortunately this time it did not. She caught a straight on the turn only to make a better hand (flush) on the river. That was the end of my stay in the Ladies Tournament. It was sickening. I couldn’t stop replaying that hand over and over again in my head. All you can do is put your money in good and hope your hand holds up. I did that and it wasn’t enough.


Halloween is this Wednesday and my little boo will be a dragon. Last year he was a scarecrow and was a little tiny peanut. Wow how a year changes things. Stay tuned for pictures.


At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay sox!!! Happy Halloween!! Can't wait to see pics of that costume!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Marianne said...

Hooray for the Red Sox! Have a great Halloween. The dragon costume sounds really cute.

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Tricia said...

I have not gotten used to your blog being active again dear! i still think thats great you placed 70th in the tournament! And I agree 100% on the sleep issue!

Happy Thankgiving!


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